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This article explains general concepts in Screen9 Video Editor. For specific instructions please check articles for trimming a video, merging videos, adding music and text.

How to access Video Editor

If you would like to access Video Editor please check with your Screen9 account manager if this feature is enabled in your account. Once it is enabled, there are two ways to access Video Editor:

  • Go directly to https://editor.screen9.com
  • From Account Console, go to Studio, click on Scissors button to enable Video Editor projects and then click on New Video Editor Project button or select an existing project from the list.

Video Editor dashboard

On the dashboard page you will find all existing projects that are stored on your account. Video Editor projects fall under the same permission rules as other media on Screen9 platform.


To create a new project, use the Create new project button, or open an existing project by clicking on it. You can also delete a project by using the trashcan icon.

Video Editor interface

When you open or create a new project, you will see the Video Editor interface which consists of 3 main areas:


The Preview are is used for previewing the video project as well as positioning overlays and zooming and cropping videos.

The Media list and properties area are used for selecting media and editing the properties of media and overlays etc.

The Track area shows the timeline and when media is shown.

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