Media list and properties

Last Updated 8 months ago

In the upper right area of the Video Editor you can find several windows that can be switched by clicking on the icon to the left of it.

  • Video - shows¬†videos on your account and can be filtered by a text, category, tag, assigned user (owner) or a date range. On mouse over, there are more details and a preview function.
  • Audio - in a similar way as for video, all audio files are presented here. You will also find audio stock library here.
  • Image - all images are presented here. Images can be used as still video frames in your project.
  • Text - shows four predefined text overlays that can be used to add textual information to your videos.
  • Settings - provides access to account-wide profile colors and custom overlays. Profile colors are then shown in the color picker so all your texts can retain the same scheme. Custom overlays are additional text overlays that can be created on the account.
  • Edit clip - shows settings for an individual clips so you can modify their length, volume, transition or filter effect for video and audio clips. For text overlays you can modify here font, colors, alignment and position.
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